Weather Report

Cable cars 0 / 2 Roads cleared, normal traffic Last update: 28-02-2021 16:11
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Pic du Midi


Wind s 36 km/h

Pied de pistes 1800

Morning Veiled Sun -1°

Afternoon Veiled Sun +5°

0 km/h



0 km/h

Conditions météorologiques au Pic du Midi
Air pressure 720.1 hPa
Humidity 61 %
Radiation -1 W/m²

Last update: 01-03-2021 01:15

Pic du Midi Weather Report

Consult the weather report for the Pic du Midi. All the weather conditions right now and for the next few hours. Temperature, wind speed and humidity. Plan your outings according to the weather conditions, and make the most of your visit to the Pic du Midi!