Piau Engaly Snowboard Club

the SNOWBOARD CLUB in Piau Engaly

The “PIAU -ENGALY SNOWBOARD CLUB” (PESC) WAS CREATED AT THE BEGINNING OF 1990. The club gathers passionate, young and less young with the same priority: pleasure of skiing. The club has common values about respect and the wish to improve skiing.

The new generation benefits from the experience and the competence of the elders who had in their youth, reached a high level (on regional, national or international circuits). During the winter 2001/2002 the club started again with the young of the area and can today follow the tracks of their elders.

The team :

  • 7 Kid’s (from 8 to 12 years old)
  • 9 Juniors (from 15 ans to 19 years old)
  • 10 "Elite" (Espoirs)
  •  4 coaches.

Just as parent’s irreproachable dynamism and the club’s volunteers. People from different origins make a  personal contribution to our club, where everybody has a place.

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Piau Engaly Snowboard club