Neste valley

Neste valley

Exceptional for its landscapes and the quality of its environment, the Aure’s Upper Valley is a real treasure.You will love exploring the Néouvielle Nature Reserve, an area of very accessible hiking in summer and in winter,a freestyle site for nature ski enthusiasts.Not to mention the small villages, pastoral traditions and the Pyrenees gastronomy.

Not be missed: The natural reserve of Néouvielle.The opportunity to hike in family from Aubert’s Lake to Aumar’s Lake.The visit of the cheese barns, the honey houses and home of Pastoralism Azet, for young and old.But also the irresistible typical small Romanesque churches and preserved villages of Ens, Vielle-Aure, Bourisp, Camparan, Guchan, Sailhan, Estansan, Grailhen, Cadeilhan and Tramezaïgues.

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At 15 km from Piau, discover the Spanish side of the Pyrenees: Bielsa, the canyons of Aragon, and especially the massif of Monte Perdido and hanging glaciers, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity. Not to mention when evening comes, the warm atmosphere of bodegas, tapas and all the partying rhythms.

Les Granges du Moudang - Aragnouet

Granges du Moudang

From Pont du Moudang’s Campsite (1050m), in the car park located in front of the supermarket and O Petit Aragon’s bar, take a shaded hiking trail which goes up to the barn and situated over the river (Neste du Moudang). Before the little cirque, you will find a portal that you have to close.

At your arrival, you will have the pleasure to see the beauty and originality of this little hamlet of barn situated on the edges of the torrent of Moudang’s valley. Feruginous and sulphurous source at 15-20 minutes walk after the barns. Altitude: 1520 m. Dogs are not allowed.

Cultural Heritage

Around the ski resort, you can explore historical and typical village. Take time to visit them !

Cap-de-Long's dam

Chapel of Templiers

Chapel Notre-dame-de-Meyabat

Cap-de-Long's Dam

After Oredon's (1884) and Aumar's (1901) reservoirs were brought into service, The department of Agriculture continued its hydraulic development policy by building a Dam on Cap de Long Lake. Construction began in 1901 and ended in 1908. The reservoir, with a capacity of 7 million m3, was aimed, like Oredon and Aubert, supplying the Neste channel. In 1947, EDF prepared the plans of a new Dam with a 100m vault, bringing its capacity from 7 to 67 million m3. It was completed in 1954. Cap de Long reservoir supplies the hydroelectric power plant of Pragneres (Gèdre canton of Luz), via a 10 km long subterranean gallery.

Chapel of templiers | Aragnouet

The Chapel depended on an adjoining hospital, now destroyed, served by the hospital of Saint -Jean-de-Jerusalem to accommodate travelers crossing the passes. The hospital and the chapel were part of the Commandery of Aure, then the commander of Boudrac finally the Commandery Poucharramet since 1748. During the Revolution, the chapel was stripped of its jewelry. The bell tower is dated 1876, probably corresponding to 1 restoration campaign. The chapel was closed in 1939, the bell tower in 1952. Re-roofing spring / summer / fall 2012.

Chapel Notre-dame-de-Meyabat

Based on historical studies, the first chapel was built in 1660. The present building seems to date mainly from the late 19th century (the date on the key of the door entered: 1881 or 1885). It has recently undergone a major interior renovation, and decoration. Period: 4th quarter of the 19th century. Source information : www.actuacity.com/aragnouet_65170/monuments/