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Piau - Edeneo


You need to relieve stress ? Edénéo is for you: you will find a playbalnéo pool of 130m², steam room, hydro massage, bubble bath, hot bed…..  the equipment are made for an optimal  well being and relaxation, in a quiet and friendly atmosphere.


Swim in a unique panorama, a large windows offer a 360 ° view on the ski slopes and the Pyrenees National Park, in a cozy and warm place! Relax and have a rest in warm water.


Phone number : 0033 562 39 61 69

Opening hours : tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday from 15/07 to 24/08, from 3:30pm to 7:00pm

*The evacuation of the pools will be done 20 minutes before the closure of the SPA

Our relaxing massages

Our massagesDescriptionDurationPrice
Eden gardenA muscle relaxation massage using grapeseed oil. This complete massage can be either very relaxing or suited for sport1 hour session70 €
At Gange sourceInspired by ayurvedic technique Abhyanga this massage with Organic warm sesame oil sets energy flows in balance again, thus enabling body and mind to relax. An ideal massage during seasonal changes, it strengthens the immune system and removes toxins.1 hour session70 €
The YetiA deep massage for sportsmen (sportswoman). This sport massage is done either after sport for maximum recovery, or before sport to prepare muscles.1 hour session70 €
“A la carte” well-beingMassage on one or two body parts (e.g.: back+legs/ back+head/hands+feet+head). To eliminate tensions and have a new start !30 min session37 €

Our energetic technics

You will receive them on your full dressed body: please wear clean and confortable clothes. Digitopressure (or shiatsu) is a japanese method which allow to stimulate energetic points of the body. An ideal method to rebalance body and mind, and find again your creative spirit and vitality. It also helps to reduce stress and it strengthens natural body defences. A perfect supplement to pure air of the mountains for a relaxing break...

Our energetic technicsDescriptionDurationPrice
Mont FujiTraditional Chinese Medecine meridians are stimulated for an invigorating and re-balancing effect you will feel for the following days. Full body treatment.60 min70 €
At the topBack, neck, shoulders, crane and face digitopressure...body and mind relaxation and let go.30 min session37 €

Booking : 0033 788 920 400

Wellness massages: they are not a medical therapy, nor a physiotherapeutic treatment. They are made in the respect of physical and moral integrity and, in any case, they have no sexual nature.


PassAdult PriceChild price (-12 years old)
Pass 2 hours€14€8
Family pass€35 (2 adults + 2 children)€7 (/extra child)

You need swimming trunks or boxer

Children age group

  • Children aged four months to children less from three years : free pass
  • From 3 years to 12 years : price for children