Slopes opening

Ski slopes 0 / 23 Ski lifts 4 / 15 Roads cleared, normal traffic Last update: 26-08-2019 02:21


Cirque du Lys
Remontées 2/2
  • Cable car
    Lys (matin:10h/12h15 a-midi:13h45/17h15)
  • Chair lift
    Grand-Barbat (matin:10h15/12h20 a-midi:13h45/16h50)
Ski slopes 0/1
  • out of period
    Lac d'Ilhéou
Cirque du Lys Bike Park
Ski slopes 5/6
  • open
    Maouloc 1
  • open
    Maouloc 2
  • open
  • open
    Tobo 1
  • open
    Tobo 2
  • out of period

Last update: 26-08-2019 02:21

Map of slopes for Cauterets ski station

See the map of Cauterets resort’s skiing area, illustrating the pistes and ski lifts. Cauterets offers two skiing areas, comprising 21 pistes and three freestyle zones, at altitudes between 1,730 and 2,450 metres. The Cirque de Lys is perfect for Alpine skiing, while the Pont d’Espagne slope is more suited to Nordic activities. But above all, Cauterets offers a wide range of landscapes and some views that will take your breath away!