Who are we?

N'PY, the leading brand name in Pyrenean skiing

Some of the keys of our success:
• The No ‘Souci card; a ski-pass and multi-station facilities product.
• Distance selling, based on rechargeable ski passes, eliminating ticket office queuing and with the rationale of permanent advantages.
• A full range of online services, from accommodation to equipment.
• A young and attractive offer that allows to renew our customers.

A successful business

N'PY is 1 200 employees, in the areas of sales, ski-slopes, repairs/maintenance, ski-lifts, security, environment, administration and Human Resources.

The 8 N’PY stations work together to develop a common strategy and the best services to our clients. Our commercial success shouldn't hide what N’PY really is ;  a network of authorities and mixed economy companies emanating from local and regional authorities coming together to benefit from their collective strength.  

An adventure driven by common values

This willingness of the ski-stations to work together, without losing their individual identities has been possible by strong shared values: 
• A sense of public responsibility, combining economic and social development.
• A willingness to innovate.
• A focus on performance and customer satisfaction.

N’PY businesses subscribe to the principle of sustainable development. Their territory is their capital, and its preservation is a necessity. All businesses are certified to ISO 14001, the international standard of environmental management, as well as to ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management. They are additionally seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

N'PY in figures:

• Over 2 million skier/days across 7 skiing locations. 
• The only site in the higher Pyrenees; the Pic du Midi.
• 826 snow cannons for guaranteed skiing over the whole season.
• 66,000 tourist beds.