Piau Engaly

Piau Engaly

Opt for tranquility and nature by staying at Piau ski resort for your skiing holiday. This resort is entirely pedestrianised. Located at the foot of the pistes, its circular design is completely integrated with the landscape of the Aure Valley. Piau is committed to its environment, offering you a natural experience. Certified in terms of quality, safety and the environment, the resort strives to control its impact on nature on a daily basis.

The high mountain resort, big on nature

Located at an altitude between 1,860 metres and 2,600 metres, Piau-Engaly is the ski station for sportsmen and women, mountaineers and enthusiasts of natural skiing.
From the peak of Piau to the valley of Badet, its 104 hectares and 65km of pistes, enjoy guaranteed natural snowfall, because they are protected from wind and mild spells, and are suited for skiers of all levels of ability.
The very large beginners’ area is separated from the rest of the skiing area, which affords it a high degree of safety.
Skiing at Piau also incorporates the first modular piste which stretches from the top of the resort right to the foot of the pistes, alternating N’PY MOOV (hoops and banked curves) and easy modules.
After skiing, you can enjoy numerous activities in the Piau resort itself; traditional cookery courses, under-ice diving, snowshoeing, etc.
In winter or summer, on holiday or taking a skiing weekend, discover the pleasures of balneotherapy at the Edeneo Centre, located at the foot of the slopes.

At the gateway to the Pyrenees National Park

And when summer weather returns, while you’re enjoying your holidays in Piau, try out the first Waterslide piste in the Pyrenees. Twenty metres on water
The Pyrenees offers you all you need for sporting tourism. Exercise all your desires for walking, climbing, swimming, flying, jumping and playing freely. A few steps and you are in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park.

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